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You are the key with the Grasp Lock.

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The Grasp Lock is uniquely designed so that it can be used with a single hand and minimum effort. It can store multiple fingerprints which can be added using a smartphone app. The Grasp lock concept was created by group of University of Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering graduates and developed from a proof of concept all the way to a pre-production model. The lock functions using an optical fingerprint sensor that is embedded in the base of the lock. The shackle consists of two arms that pivot at the base and are spring loaded so that they automatically return to the lock position. Where the two arms meet, there is a motor that controls a T-shaped metal bolt. When the arms come together and the user releases the lock, this thick bolt rotates to lock the arms in place. The Grasp Lock is not available to buy and development of this project is no longer occurring. We thank everyone for the immense interest in the Grasp lock and If you want to learn more you can browse the content below.

Concept and Development

Grasp Lock 1.0 in Action

Further Development

Grasp Lock 2.0 in Action

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If you have any additional questions please reach out. Just to note since this is a frequently asked question, the Grasp Lock is not in production and there is no development being done on it beyond what you have seen above.